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Assisting Israelis Everyday

our Special Children

Play Centres for

Beit Helena

our Special Children

Play Centres for

Beit Helena

A beautiful pre-schooler with bright blue eyes holds up her hands with fingers spread widely and fingerpaint all over them. She is in the special Yad Sarah play centre for children with special needs.

Back on their Feet

Getting People

Loaning Medical Equipment for Physically-Challenged


Yad Sarah Family Centre

for the Treatment & Prevention of Domestic Violence

Yad Sarah Doesn't Turn its Back
on Domestic Violence

Yad Sarah





Emergencies, Fear of Isolation

Answering the call

National Call Centre

Yad Sarah Family Centre

Answer the call

7,000+ Volunteers

Get More Information
on our Website

Canadian Friends of Yad Sarah
is a registered charitable organization
with Revenue Canada 888186442 RR 0001

Will You

Answer the Call ?

Holocaust Survivors

War Veterans


Accident Injuries

Geriatric Conditions

Womens' & Babies' Health

Prevention of Domestic Violence

Children with Special Needs

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With a Whole Heart

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