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Yad Sarah delivers many different services to the Israeli population. The one common focus of the work of Yad Sarah is to provide services that improve the lives of those experiencing physical, cognitive, and medical issues. The mandate is to provide services that not only allow people to live a socially integrated life but also to facilitate this journey while still living in their home settings. The services listed below highlight the ongoing therapies and supports of Yad Sarah. The links will take you directly to the English Yad Sarah Israel site for the most comprehensive and up-to-date services available.

An army of 7,000 volunteers deliver these uncompromising services to the people in their local neighbourhoods. The needs are ever growing and your support to maintain this selfless and caring work is so important.

Volunteer Refurbishing Yad Sarah Wheelchair

Loaning of Medical Devices

A primary function of the network of Yad Sarah Branches is the loaning of medical devices. Learn more about the categories of medical equipment Yad Sarah has on loan in 120+ branches throughout Israel by clicking on the links below.

Hospitalization & Hospital Accessories

Medical Equipment

Bath & Toilet

Walking & Mobility Accessories

Equipment for practice & rehabilitation physiotherapists


Beds & Mattresses

Mothers & Babies

Rehabilitation Centres

Rehabilitation centres at Yad Sarah offer tailored programming and therapies to facilitate recovery and regain functionality. The goal is for each individual to achieve their maximum potential. The following links share the types of rehabilitation programs offered by Yad Sarah.

Day Rehabilitation Centres

Home Rehabilitation

Geriatric Day Rehabilitation Centre

Yad Sarah Call Centre

Emergency Call Centre

The emergency call centre service allows people in need of supervision to continue an independent life at home, with a sense of security and peace of mind, knowing that in case of emergency the subscriber can simply press the distress button next to him, and receive appropriate help quickly and efficiently.

The emergency call centre is staffed 24/7 by volunteers who have undergone extensive professional training and speak several languages. The staff is imbued with the value of giving and provides personal attention and compassionate service to every subscriber.

Fleet of Nechoniot Vans for the Disabled


The volunteers in this division, including service people, drivers, receptionists, coordinators, security officers, and others are determined to help people with disabilities find freedom outside their homes. These unique vans may be used for any purpose: Medical treatments or family events, a night on the town, or a quick trip to the seaside.

Home Hospitalization

Home Hospital

Volunteers in the Yad Sarah Home Hospital Department are determined to prevent the ills of public health: Contagion and infections, as well as mental exhaustion and a lack of motivation for recovery. Yad Sarah provides a comprehensive program for rehabilitation at home for the patient. Supported by loving family members and in familiar surroundings, the patient experiences fewer complications and a more rapid and effective medical response.

Yad Sarah offers acute hospitalization as a quality alternative to hospital treatment. In accordance with the doctor’s recommendation, patients are sent to home hospitalization under the auspices of Yad Sarah. Yad Sarah’s specialist doctors closely monitor the progress of recovery, and the nursing staff provides the care at home. Patients who preferred Yad Sarah’s home hospital recovered in much shorter periods of time than they would have in the hospital.

Home Hospital

Adjustable Beds

Hoists for Lifting Patients

Electric Stand Armchair

Home Oxygen Generator

Home Infusion Equipment

Blood Oximeter

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