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Yad Sarah Reducing Inequities

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Reducing Inequities

YAD SARAH removes financial barriers to care and provision of devices.

Most of the equipment from YAD SARAH is loaned for free or with a nominal cost. A deposit is requested on loan and then refunded upon return.

With 122+ branches around the country embedded in communities from the north to the south, there are Jews from many backgrounds, Israeli Arabs, Druze and Christians. All the equipment can be borrowed by anyone, irrespective of religion or ethnic background or financial capabilities.

Israeli citizens throughout the country donate to YAD SARAH to help cover the costs for those who cannot.

2.5 Million of the 9 Million people in Israel live below the poverty line!

Of the 2.5 Million poor, 46% of those are children.

Research shows there are many causes. Covid has reduced tourism in Israel by 80% so there are many people in the hospitality industry that may be unemployed. People with disabilities often find themselves unemployable. Some people live outside urban centres and find employment opportunities few and far between. Of course there are those who are ill or too old to work.

Many Arab women are stay at home Moms and so they are not earning an income. If their husband has lost his job or working in manual labour, there is a good chance this family is in financial distress.

There are many organizations in Israel addressing issues such as food, housing, education and healthcare.

YAD SARAH, with its 122 branches dispersed throughout the country, in small towns and large cities, helps a diverse population access health care issues without obstacles to access.

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