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Yad Sarah Expands Hospitality Suites

This week I’d like to introduce you to one of our most exceptional projects – the Hospitality Center.
About seven months ago, three guest rooms were opened at Yad Sarah House in Jerusalem, which we offer free of charge to family members caring for their loved ones hospitalized at the nearby Shaare Zedek Medical Center. The rooms, which are beautifully decorated, provide family members with a welcome respite during the difficult and exhausting period of hospitalization. Though promotion of the rooms was minimal, the good news spread quickly.
In several instances, we had no choice but to turn people away. Those who have been lucky enough to be able to avail themselves of the service, express deep gratitude for the wonderful help provided.
A resident of Safed slept for a few weeks in his car during the time his son was undergoing treatment; he was not aware of Yad Sarah or its guest rooms. Because of the high cost of parking at the Shaare Zedek parking lot, he was forced to park his car in a parking lot some distance away.
Aware of difficult stories like this one, Yad Sarah decided to open six more guest rooms, for a total of nine rooms. A number of services and activities on the lower floors of Yad Sarah House were relocated to another part of the building, and architects drew up plans for the rooms, utilizing the available space to its best advantage. Now that the construction work is complete, and the rooms are beautifully furnished, Yad Sarah can help more families in their hour of need.
We receive close to 100 requests every week for these 9 rooms. We cannot possibly meet the demand. We have already begun the process of adding 8 more rooms. We need your help to raise donations for this very important project. View the attachment here for more details and consider making a donation to Canadian Friends of Yad Sarah to help build these hospitality suites.


Charna Duchanov,
Yad Sarah, Jerusalem