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Arlene-Weisbart_Exec Director of Canadian Friends of Yad Sarah

Arlene Weisbart
Executive Director
Canadian Friends of Yad Sarah

The Work of Yad Sarah

Whether you were referred to our site or saw or heard about our organization, we are happy you are here. We understand that the best way to learn fully the work of Yad Sarah for Israelis everyday is to visit Yad Sarah House in Jerusalem or one of the 106 branches throughout Israel.
Short of that, we hope to bring you the facts and the human stories in our pages.

You will find information on how Canadian Friends of Yad Sarah can assist Canadians who have a disability travel to Israel, get around the country and provide necessary equipment that may be needed for the hotel, for transportation, etc.

We will bring you transformative stories of how Yad Sarah’s services and equipment have changed patients and caregivers lives.
You will see that Yad Sarah’s engine is powered by more than 6,500 ¹ volunteers who bring a sense of compassion and community responsibility to the country – to its more fragile. We hope you will gain an understanding of how important it is for this work to continue.

Our goal is to build our “brand ambassorship”, advocates within Canada who will promote the organization through word of mouth. We also hope that you will understand that financial support for such vital care is a Mitzvah (good deed).
Yad Sarah’s video will give you an overview of the work they do for all Israelis and how we came to do this. Please take ten minutes to watch the video. I promise you will be as impressed as we are.

Contact us anytime, either by phone (416) 781-6416 or email to discuss volunteer opportunities in Israel, assistance you may need for a trip to Israel, or to discuss joint ventures with other organizations that could benefit from Yad Sarah services.

Please consider making a donation by selecting the Donation button at the top of the page.

¹ In 2020 Yad Sarah had more than 7,000 volunteers.