Reasons to Support Yad Sarah

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Young woman kissing her old grandmother in the park
  • 23.6% of Israeli population lives below the poverty line.

  • Yad Sarah Equipment is loaned – not purchased making it accessible to those with reduced income.

  • Services & equipment from Yad Sarah are 100% covered by donations.

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Caring is in Yad Sarah’s DNA
We care for Everyone. Anytime. With a whole heart.

Samira and son Alaa Abu Rukun Celebrating 45th Anniversary of Yad Sarah


Young Man in Wheelchair_Feeling Happy

Mobility-Challenged & Infirm

Victim of Domestic Abuse

Victims of Domestic Violence

Young girl sitting in wheelchair with crutches lying across the arms of the chair as woman crouches to talk to her

Children with Physical & Cognitive Needs

Yad Sarah needs YOUR financial support to care for the marginalized segment of the Israeli population – the ethic minorities, the disabled, the infirm and the elderly.