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Medical Alert Devices

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Home Alone?

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Explanation of the video as you watch it.

An older gentleman is walking in his neighbourhood and is distracted by a cute child riding on the back of the mother’s bicycle. In doing so, he twists his ankle and falls on the sidewalk.

A group of young people see him and quickly run to see how it is. They call out, “He fell, he fell!” “Sir, are you alright? Sir, sir.” A young man is seen calling for help after someone says “Call an ambulance.”

The narrator say, “In Israel, when someone falls outdoors, there is always someone to help.”

We hear a woman ask, “Do you hear us?”

The scene changes to the elderly man having fallen in his home. We hear a female voice say, “Mr. Levy, this is Yael from the Yad Sarah Distress Hotline. We received a warning from your medical alert device that you have fallen. I have our rescue team on their way to you.”

During this period of the Coronavirus, our parents are at home alone. Who will help them should they fall? Yad Sarah’s innovative medical alert sensor recognizes a fall in real time and directly informs the Yad Sarah Hotline and the client’s close relative.

Seniors can participate in this program free of charge (it may involve a small deposit).

Yad Sarah – We are here for you.

Yad Sarah, in conjunction with the Ministry of Welfare,
distribute and install personal emergency devices.

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