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Group of Men and Women standing in the shade of a tree in front of a branch of Yad Sarah in Southern Israel

A Country of Compassion and Support

We Love Our Volunteers

Uri and Irit Yardeni toured the southern region of Israel with Management from Yad Sarah on their monthly trip to visit branches. Uri initiated and established the visitors’ centres of the “Israeli Giving Experience” and continues to volunteer and recruit more volunteers. The following is how Uri recounts his trip with the Yad Sarah delegation.

Visiting Yad Sarah Branches in the Southern Region

Yesterday I was “in heaven” surrounded by people I don’t know personally and yet, it seems that all around me was a country of compassion and support.

Irit and I had another fabulous experience with Yad Sarah. Every month, the managers of Yad Sarah tour part of the country, visiting local branches. Last month they visited the north and yesterday, we visited the Yad Sarah branches in the southern region. Irit and I were the only members on this tour that do not have a defined role in Yad Sarah.

We toured from morning until 11 PM where we visited Efrat, Kiryat Arba, the Caves of the Patriarchs which I have not visited since I was a child, a village established by Doron Almog for people with cognitive impairments near Ofakim, continued on to the branch in Netivot and finally to Beer Sheva.

Expressions of Gratitude

It is difficult to express the experience of meeting people from all walks of life who are so grateful that Yad Sarah gave them the opportunity to volunteer and help others. It is ironic because, we, as the group visiting them, were there to show them our love and gratitude! Many of these people, knowing that we were to visit, dressed up in the finest clothes, baked cakes and muffins to show their appreciation.

I have met many people who have opened their homes in the middle of the night to help others. I do not recommend this. Some of the branches are actually held in private homes. Uri Lupolianski maintains a branch in his home and lends equipment 24/7, even on Yom Kippur! These are the dedicated people I met. These are people despite adversity, who continue to volunteer and help others. They provide compassion and support.

While at the branches, we had the opportunity to meet local leaders who came to honour the visiting managers from Yad Sarah and especially Uri Lupolianski. While at the Cave of the Patriarchs, we happened to meet Miriam Peretz, who recently ran for President of Israel. She was so thrilled to have met the “angels” of Yad Sarah. This was not false praise but true compliment.

I simply wanted to voice my delight by saying that Israel is a country of amazing people through thick and thin.

Uri Yardeni

Collage of Yad Sarah Volunteers, Drivers for Disabled, Man pushing wheelchair near field, hands holding bar for walker, volunteers at call centre

Yad Sarah is highly regarded by the people of Israel for the dedication of our volunteers and the high quality of compassion and support.

Similarly, the volunteers regard the work they do during their volunteer time as highly valuable and fulfilling. It is incredible how much dedication our 7,000+ volunteers provide to their “clients” and how that translates into positive health outcomes for Israelis in general.

Through Yad Sarah’s dozens of health, community, medical and paramedical services, our volunteers, with dedication and love, provide the ability for their clients to return to a normal life. The volunteers – drivers, technicians, caregivers, lawyers, teachers, and others – work through wars and pandemics to provide the best service possible.

We Love Our Volunteers and They Love Yad Sarah

Heart ending with hands
Yad Sarah volunteers Delivering Medical Equipment During Covid-19
Fleet of Nechoniot Vans for the Disabled
Yad Sarah Volunteer fits young girl with crutches
Yad Sarah volunteers stand behind wheelchairs prepared to assist physically disabled reach the gravesites of their lost ones on Memorial Day 2018.
An older gentleman stands in front of crutches, wheelchairs, a woman goes home with equipment required for her twins and an older gentleman volunteers to refurbish wheelchairs
Yad Sarah volunteers carrying medical equipment along walkway to client

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