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A younger woman sitting with an older woman showing care as they look at one another. The younger woman volunteers for Yad Sarah, visiting those who are elderly and alone.

Assisting Elderly Remain in their Homes

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Yad Sarah Assists Elderly to Remain in their Homes

Israel has an aging population where many still want to remain in their homes and live independently.

YAD SARAH responds. There is a national hotline manned by trained, caring individuals. This is a subscription service where the client is given a personal alarm device which connects to the Emergency Alarm Response System. Should someone fall, the alarm will automatically detect the fall and connect to the centre. On connection, the operator online will announce that they are aware that the subscriber has fallen and that a first responder is on the way. Even if the person is unconscious and cannot answer, the ambulance is called.

The benefits the subscriber and family get are many. Peace of mind that someone is always there.

This Call Centre works 24/7.

The call button can be worn as a necklace or on the wrist as one would a watch. It can be activated by pressing the button. If the person is aware, they can speak to the operator; otherwise, the operator will dispatch help immediately.

Clients can also get legal advice from Yad Riva Legal Services.

Subscribers have access to mobile dental units, can get their prescriptions delivered to their homes, can speak to a doctor or nurse for medical advice by phone and can get ambulance and personal lifting service.

The operators are caring, dedicated volunteers who work in coordination with nurses experienced in geriatric and respiratory issues.

Volunteers connect with subscribers’ family or neighbours in the event they cannot reach the subscriber him/herself. They will call periodically to the person to provide comfort and support to those living alone.

The Call Centre is the only one in Israel that is managed according to Jewish law.

Join Us at Canadian Friends of Yad Sarah. You belong here where you can make this a better world. Tikkun Olam.

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