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Mother, Brenda Lemkus, with picture of her daughter, Dalia, who was killed

Living the Passion of Deceased Daughter

Brenda Lemkus Lost Her Daughter to a Terrorist Attack

Found Living Dalia’s Passion Honours her Memory

Volunteering at Yad Sarah Helps MORE than the patients

Brenda Lemkus found strength helping others after her daughter, Dalia, was killed in a terrorist attack

Dalia Lemkus dedicated two years of her life to founding the Tekoa Yad Sarah branch; she did so as “shnaht shirut”, years of service, beginning in Grade 11 rather than serving in the army, as many religious people do. Dalia was living the passion of caring for others.
Dalia’s goal was to study occupational therapy, which she did, so working with client-patients who required assistance with medical devices was a perfect learning experience for her and she loved it. She loved the atmosphere in the Yad Sarah branch, the feeling of friendship and support.
But one day, on her way from Kiriyat Gat to Yad Sarah, when Dalia was 26 years old, she was attacked by a terrorist while waiting at a bus stop.
Dalia’s passion for helping others had ended with that attack and her mother, Brenda, had to reconcile with that.

Brenda Lemkus, Dalia’s mother, began working at the very branch her daughter had helped to found right in their own community of Tekoa. Brenda said the best way to deal with her grief was to continue her daughter’s work in Yad Sarah. Brenda felt she had to push past the pain and feelings of loss.
As soon as Brenda began volunteering in the branch, she understand why Dalia loved it so much. Brenda felt at home; she felt it was inclusive and embraced her. She loved that it had a family feeling where people were helping people and it was very gratifying.
Brenda continues to volunteer in Yad Sarah, keeping Dalia’s legacy alive, while working fulltime as a realtor.

2 of 3 Israelis Receive Services

Whether Israelis face attacks, as Dalia Lemkus did, or their fields are burning and responders need medical care, or people simply become ill, injured or frail, the need for helping one another is never-ending.
Volunteering or donating to support these acts of compassion and loving-kindness, “chesed” is your way of lending a hand with a whole heart. In this way, those Israelis who need help and support can get it with Yad Sarah’s whole heart.
Planning a trip to Israel? Consider spending some of your time in a Yad Sarah branch to volunteer. Take a tour of the Yad Sarah House in Jerusalem on one of the guided tours, reservations required in advance. Call us. We’ll tell you how to make arrangements.
Not a good time for a trip now? Consider donating generously to Yad Sarah.  Click the donate button. Your donations help all the ongoing services Yad Sarah provides.

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