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Group of men socializing at a mall. One man sitting in scooter has mobility issues.

Independence versus Being Housebound

“This is true,” said CEO Moshe Cohen this week. “The scooter is really very expensive, above and beyond what we thought we could offer. However, Rabbi Lupolianski said that the fact that the volunteers succeeded this year in recruiting more and more borrowers to donate their deposit money obliges us to make even more effort.

Older gentleman rides on red and black scooter. Offers Independence versus being housebound.

The Difference Between Independence versus Housebound

Now Lending Motorized Scooters

Yad Sarah is proud that, in addition to vital equipment, it also offers equipment whose sole purpose is to improve quality of life. Helping people maintain their independence in the face of growing challenges is one of Yad Sarah’s main goals. To that end, we now have motorized scooters available for loan, scooters that make the difference between independence and being housebound.
The scooter, known in Hebrew as a “kalno-eet,” is a very expensive item, but thanks to generous donations, it is now available at Yad Sarah.
Improving the quality of life of thousands of people who are recuperating from injury, illness or surgery, as well as people dealing with long-term disabilities of all kinds is Yad Sarah’s focus. The wide range of equipment on loan is available to all for a refundable deposit.
Moishy Cohen is excited when he manages to make it easier for people who need Yad Sarah services. Presenting the new scooter that has now been ordered by the purchasing department for lending, he exclaims, “Do you understand what a difference this is to someone who cannot buy this expensive product, enabling them to move freely without asking for help from the neighbours or their children?
During the initial pilot phase, the scooter will be on loan at the logistic centres where the borrowers will be able to receive detailed instructions on safe driving in the amazing, collapsible, and compact electric scooter. Yad Sarah also managed to significantly lower the cost of insurance payments, and the borrower will pay a much lower monthly sum for both insurance and maintenance expenses.
What wonderful news for all those previously homebound people who will now be able to get around on their own, proudly and confidently!

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