Yad Sarah – Help When You Need It!

Yad Sarah – Help When You Need It!

Yad Sarah – Help When You Need It!

 A unique network of caring, innovative homecare support services.

Yad Sarah, Israel’s leading organization of volunteers, was founded in 1976 to help alleviate the suffering of disabled, sick, isolated and elderly people, those homebound or wheelchair bound for any reason, and anybody needing HOME CARE.
Over 100 branches provide a range of free or nominal-cost services for sick, disabled and elderly people enabling them to stay at home rather than in hospitals or institutions.

Services Yad Sarah Provides, include the following:

  • Lending medical equipment remains its best-known service, and today a stock of over 300,000 pieces of equipment ranges from wheelchairs, crutches and walkers to hospital beds, oxygen-concentrating machines, electronic baby breathing monitors, glucose-checks, breast pumps – more than 300 different items in all.
  • A personal alarm response center which gives elderly people who live alone a lifeline for help, and relieves their families of worry. The touch of a button connects them to a reassuring, trained volunteer at the computerized main call center who sends help if needed – or calms the caller with a friendly chat.
  • Guidance and exhibition centers showing the range of medical devices available to enable the disabled or frail person to function independently, and providing guidance for adaptation of the home environment.
  • A fleet of vans fitted for wheelchairs providing transportation to medical, social and other appointments for people with mobility problems, liberating them from their four walls.
  • Day rehab centers serving post-CVA and others with physical, occupational and other kinds of therapy (art, music, gardening and more).
  • Geriatric dental clinic with specialized care by volunteer dentists, also operating a mobile unit that makes house calls.
  • Legal advice for the elderly.
  • A unique play center for special-needs children and their families, including a lending library of toys, playrooms for gross and fine motor activity, creativity rooms, computer center, and guidance for families with a special needs child.
  • Support groups – for caregivers; for terror victims; for Parkinson patients; and more
  • Activities for shut-ins to keep their hands and minds active and dispel their loneliness. Crafts, volunteer visits, computer instruction, and a life stories project recording their personal histories.
  • Yad Sarah helps visitors and tourists services, prearrange the loan of equipment for a disabled visitor, to adapt hotel rooms in advance or to arrange airport transfers in Yad Sarah’s “Special-Needs”  vans or to deal with emergencies that arise during their stay.

Volunteering at Yad Sarah:

For tourism information:
Call 02-644-4628
Email tourism@yadsarah.org.il.
For information about volunteering:
Call 02-644-4411
Email volunteering@yadsarah.org.il.
To donate:
Call 02-644-4429
Email us at info@yadsarah.org.il.
To find a Yad Sarah branch near you click Branches.

Israel’s Headquarters:

124 Herzl Blvd., 9618722 Jerusalem
Call: 02-644-4444 or *6444
Email: info@yadsarah.org.il.
If your require any further information, please contact Mr. David Rothner,
Tel. 02-644-4430,
Mobile: 052-360-6726
Email: davidr@yadsarah.org.il.

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