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Proud to Volunteer for Yad Sarah

Two Minute Snippets

Tackling the Biggest Challenge to Those with Functional Difficulties

For those of you who do not know about this organization, we want to share with you why we are so proud to volunteer for Yad Sarah. We have short videos with examples of ways the volunteers have improved and enhanced the lives of those in Israel to live their best lives.

Transcript of Video for Hearing Impaired

Welcome. Bruchim HaBaim. I want to take a few minutes to tell you why I and 7,000 others, volunteer for Yad Sarah.

This is a truly amazing organization seeing beyond the disabilities, the financial disparities, the ethnic and religious groups – we see the person – and go above and beyond to help them achieve their optimum lives.

YAD SARAH’s strength is in its community branches where locals volunteer and serve the residents from the area.

The sense of belonging to the district and the responsibility to help one another transcends all their differences.

YAD SARAH, the largest volunteer organization in Israel, enlists the help of the young to the elderly. Everyone who is able, can contribute to those who are differently-abled.

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