motorized scooter

motorized scooter

95 year-old Alexander Brenner, tries motorized scooter at Yad Sarah lending centre in Ra'anana, Israel

Helping Holocaust Survivors Return to Normal Activities

Thousands of Holocaust Survivors are Experiencing Difficulties Resuming their Daily Routine Over a year has passed since the outbreak of COVID-19, and at Yad Sarah, we are helping Holocaust survivors return to the normal activities they engaged in prior to the pandemic. Holocaust survivor, Alexander Brenner, 95, was independent until a year ago. After a …

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Making Lives Better for the Past 45 Years

Changing Lives for the Better

Yad Sarah Makes a Real Difference in the Lives of Real PeopleSatisfied customer Joel out and about on his motorized scooter in downtown Jerusalem Yad Sarah Made a Difference with the loan of a motorized scooter Linda and Joel are in the prime of life. They made Aliyah five years ago from Detroit, joining most …

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Group of men socializing at a mall. One man sitting in scooter has mobility issues.

Independence versus Being Housebound

"This is true," said CEO Moshe Cohen this week. "The scooter is really very expensive, above and beyond what we thought we could offer. However, Rabbi Lupolianski said that the fact that the volunteers succeeded this year in recruiting more and more borrowers to donate their deposit money obliges us to make even more effort. …

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