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Yad Sarah's efforts to provide home health services keeps patients out of hospitals and saves Israel millions of dollars.

Saving Israeli Public Coffers

Yad Sarah Saves Israel 1.5 billion NIS Loaning Medical Equipment in 2014!


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More than half a million residents benefited from services from Yad Sarah during the past year, with the voluntary organization saving the public coffers 1.5 billion NIS by lending out medical equipment, it reported on Tuesday.

The Jerusalem-based organization said its 104 branches had lent a total of 320,000 pieces, from hospital beds to wheelchairs.

Since last Rosh Hashana, it provided wheelchairs and shower seats for the disabled to 58,000 people, and 40,000 milk pumps to new mothers. It also loaned over 6,000 beds with electrical systems to make it possible for the sick to leave hospitals and recover at home.

Yad Sarah saves Israeli public coffers millions

The organization was especially busy during Operation Protective Edge, enabling the disabled to wheel themselves quickly to protected areas, it said.
Some 6,000 volunteers provide services at branches around the country, including in many hospitals.
Yad Sarah also provided the following

  • Replied to nearly 20,000 emergency calls to the sick and disabled living alone.
  • Registered over 35,000 calls for help.
  • Made over 100,000 trips with their own “Special Needs” wheelchair vans.
  • Repaired more than 170,000 medical devices.

Astounding acts of generosity and charity provided to Jews and Non-Jews alike.  Yad Sarah helps everyone! We are non-denominational charity for those in need of medical equipment and extended medical services, in Israel.