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Home Versus Hospital Recovery

A recent article in the Israeli magazine, Kehiloth, discusses the pros and cons of hospitalization and the unique Israeli alternative of home recovery supported by Yad Sarah.

With the novel coronavirus so prevalent, there are many who do not want to rely on the hospitals where they could very well be exposed to more serious conditions than they have or where they would not have the benefit of their loved ones from the same household able to take care of them.

Clients of Yad Sarah have been provided “housepital” units which could include the hospital bed, a hoist to lift the patients, oxygen generators and oximeters to monitor the oxygen levels – all free of charge to the patient and family. What an amazing service!

80% of the funds required to purchase the equipment is raised mostly by Israelis in Israel. The balance of their budget depends on people in the diaspora providing much needed donations to keep this incredible service running.

The article recounts the personal experiences of several clients/patients who have been fortunate enough to receive the required equipment from Yad Sarah and to remain at home.

You will read about how the organization works with the medical team and the family to execute the orders of the medical system and provide the home care equipment that is necessary.


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