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Bar Mitzvah at 70!

Reuven Ini Celebrates Bar Mitzvah at 70

Yad Sarah Makes Lifelong Dream Come to Fruition

Reuven Ini and his sister were born disabled. Their parents abandoned both children by a trash bin; but for a social worker passing by and finding them, both children may have lost their lives that cold night. The social worker tried to place the children in homes but without luck. Their lives were spent moving from institution to institution.

Reuven never did marry or have children. Twenty years ago he found the Yad Sarah Shikumon (Day Rehabilitation Centre) could provide him with the place to recover both physically and mentally. Here he found other clients who had disabilities. Reuven found friendships and his community within the walls of Yad Sarah.

Today, Reuven is 70 years old and only recently confessed to the Shikumon director that his whole life he has always wanted to have a Bar Mitzvah and to celebrate it with the only “family” he knows, the Yad Sarah patients.

Swiftly, Yad Sarah took action to put the logistical pieces in place for a very special Bar Mitzvah.  On February 11, 2019 Yad Sarah purchased good clothes for Reuven, brightly decorated the room, hired a musical band, arranged food, a Bar Mitzvah cake and festivities to mark Reuven’s Aliyah la’Torah, (being called up to the Torah).

A mitzvah of great proportions where Reuven’s dream was finally realized at the age of 70!