elder health decline

elder health decline

Hanna Makani, 90 yr-old, reclines on adjustable hospital bed in her home in Petach Tikvah, Israel after suddenly declining in health

No Place Like Home

There's No Place Like Home Feeling More Secure in your Own Surroundings Hanna Makani, a 90-year-old of Persian descent, has been fortunate until recently, to have been able to take care of herself with a little help from her family. She had been able to go about daily activities and participate in family gatherings. In …

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95 year-old Alexander Brenner, tries motorized scooter at Yad Sarah lending centre in Ra'anana, Israel

Helping Holocaust Survivors Return to Normal Activities

Thousands of Holocaust Survivors are Experiencing Difficulties Resuming their Daily Routine Over a year has passed since the outbreak of COVID-19, and at Yad Sarah, we are helping Holocaust survivors return to the normal activities they engaged in prior to the pandemic. Holocaust survivor, Alexander Brenner, 95, was independent until a year ago. After a …

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