70,000 Israelis are suffering from post-coronavirus symptoms and need your help!

70,000 Covid Long Haulers in Israel

The following is a March 2021 Covid-19 Press Release from Yad Sarah Jerusalem. It details the challenges before some of the most vulnerable in Israel after having contracted Covid-19. Yad Sarah is mobilizing its assets to assist those experiencing long-lasting effects of the pandemic. We encourage you to read the letter and support the families [...]

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4 millionth person vaccinated in Israel

Four Million Vaccinated in Israel

The Call to Get Vaccinated As the video begins the sign reads, "I am the 4 millionth person to be vaccinated." Transcript Benjamin Netanyahu, Israel's Prime Minister pleads with the viewers, "Go get vaccinated! Please, do it now! Not with a green passport, not with any passport. We can succeed completely if 570,000 people will

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