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4 millionth person vaccinated in Israel

Four Million Vaccinated in Israel

The Call to Get Vaccinated

As the video begins the sign reads, “I am the 4 millionth person to be vaccinated.”


Benjamin Netanyahu, Israel’s Prime Minister pleads with the viewers, “Go get vaccinated! Please, do it now! Not with a green passport, not with any passport. We can succeed completely if 570,000 people will get vaccinated. Go get vaccinated! Go get vaccinated. That is my message. Thank you very much.”

And now, Mr. Prime Minister, with the improvement in the coronavirus situation, we are facing a new situation – post coronavirus, where those who have recovered have difficulty performing simple daily activities.

This requires hospital beds, patient hoists to transfer patients to the bathroom, and other medical and rehabilitative equipment so the individuals can continue to recover at home, in their natural environment, surrounded by their family and community.

Yad Sarah’s latest slogan is “Recovering at Home”. At Yad Sarah this is not just a slogan, but a way of life. As a result, we were chosen to represent Israel in the United Nations. I am glad to hear, Mr. Prime Minister, that the corona crisis, the issue of home hospitalization is gaining momentum with you and I want to tell you, in the name of thousands of Yad Sarah volunteers who reach out to others to help in an emergency as well as every day of the year, at 120 branches throughout the country, “we will continue to act and to enable recovery at home.”

Together with G-d’s help, we will defeat Coronavirus and recover at home.

Blessings to all!

Israel has done an exemplary job of acquiring and inoculating their population so far. It is said that they have reduced incidents of the virus by around 95% already and are reaching out to those aged 50 and more to ensure they get the vaccination NOW! It is the Prime Minister’s belief that with that population vaccinated, those who are more likely to have stronger reactions to the virus, the country would be in a better position to have the disease under control.

Uri Lupolianski, founder of Yad Sarah, further spoke of the work to be done now that the crisis situation seems behind them. Dealing with patients who did experience Covid-19 and have been left with chronic side affects will require ongoing care. Yad Sarah is equipped and prepared to step in with the hospital beds, patient hoists, special equipment for washrooms and so many more things in the Yad Sarah warehouse and deploy them to the homes of the ill.

This service will not only allow the people to recover amidst their family and community, it will keep the patients away from others who are sick in hospital and reduce the stress on the healthcare community. This well-maintained inventory of rehabilitative equipment is loaned, reducing the stress to purchase or rent the equipment. This is a true labour of love from Yad Sarah, from the volunteers and to those who receive assistance.

Though the Israeli government gratefully accepts this help, they do not fund it. All funds come from donations, mostly from within Israel from everyday citizens. The assistance is offered to anyone in Israel, irrespective of religion. Yad Sarah also provides assistance to tourists who need mobility assistance and transport or should they be injured while in Israel.

Help Yad Sarah help others. At its core is a heart of gold.

Image at bottom left shows Aharon Frenkel speaking with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Rabbi Lupolianski, Founder of Yad Sarah

Today (Tuesday) Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Health Minister Yuli Edelstein visited the vaccination centre of the Leumit Health clinic in the Yad Sarah Frenkel EMC, and congratulated newly vaccinated Theodor Selsen.

Rabbi Uri Lupolianski: “We have been dealing with more and more post-Corona cases recently.  People who were completely healthy before they fell ill with Corona are now having difficulty functioning on a daily basis.

Netanyahu praised Rabbi Uri Lupolianski and Mr. Aharon Frenkel for the initiative to assist in the vaccination effort, operating the immunization complex at the Yad Sarah emergency room in the Frenkel EMC, and in transporting homebound people to vaccination stations throughout the country.

Mr. Selsen added: “I waited until today because I was afraid of getting infected while waiting in line to get the vaccine. Only after my daughter told me she would not come to visit us until we were vaccinated, I came with my wife to the Yad Sarah vaccination centre and received my first dose today.”

Rabbi Uri Lupolianski thanked the Prime Minister for the successful vaccination campaign, adding: “We, at Yad Sarah, stood at the forefront of civil society, to provide vital respiratory equipment, which facilitated the recovery of over twenty-eight thousand Corona patients, who avoided dangerous and unnecessary hospitalization and were able to recover at home.”

“Now we are faced with many cases of post-Corona in which people who have technically recovered are having difficulties performing simple daily activities.  We provide hospital beds and patient hoists to transfer patients from bed to bathroom as well as a variety of medical and rehabilitative equipment to help them continue their recovery at home, in their natural environment, surrounded by family and community. ”

Yad Sarah also provides transportation for elderly and homebound people in custom built YadSaraVans (that can accommodate wheelchair-bound passengers) to vaccination complexes all over the country.

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