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Yad Sarah volunteers Delivering Medical Equipment During Covid-19

Logistical Efficiency Latest Productivity Innovation Project

Yad Sarah Leverages Relationships
to Build Core Competencies in Logistics

Logistical Efficiency is Yad Sarah’s latest productivity innovation project.

Yad Sarah is best known for its loaning of medical equipment through its network of branches. Over the years, the organization has built strong relationships with organizations that enhance its services and capabilities.  The most recent alliance with Yad Sarah is with Bringg, having developed a strategic venture to improve Yad Sarah’s logistic skills. Bringg’s platform connects and digitizes fulfillment services based on its clients’ business goals.

Bringg employees volunteered to customize their digital platform for the Yad Sarah system. It is now more efficient to arrange deliveries from Yad Sarah warehouses to branches, from branches to clients, and to manage equipment pickups in the most efficient manner.

“Over the year of Covid-19, the awareness of the option for safe home hospitalization has significantly increased, which has resulted in a surge in demand for home-care equipment,” said Yad Sarah Director-General Moshe Cohen. “Thanks to Bringg’s platform we have managed to increase the efficiency of the shipping and handling and improve our service. As soon as we receive a request, the client is sent a message that allows them to track the process until they have received their order.”

For more information about Bringg, follow this link.

“The opportunity to work with Yad Sarah to help them meet these growing trends by digitizing their logistics with innovative technology reflects both our company values and business strategy – helping organizations connect with people through innovative delivery and fulfillment that is accessible, usable, and valuable to everyone. I am proud that my teams can bring value to Yad Sarah with happier drivers and dispatchers using smarter logistics for greater resource management, and faster deliveries. And, I am even prouder of the value to their recipients- it’s priceless, because who can put a price on health.”

Bringg CEO Guy Bloch

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