• Office Address: 788 Marlee Ave, North York, ON M6B 3K1
  • (416) 781-6416
  • 788 Marlee Ave, North York, ON M6B 3K1
  • (416) 781-6416
Medical Equipment Lending Service provides necessities from the very young to the very old

Medical Equipment Lending Centres

The #1 Job to be Done at Yad Sarah One of Yad Sarah's primary services is the loan of medical and rehabilitative equipment, al

Broadening Horizons for Disabled, Injured and Ill


A Lifeline to Homebound & Physically-Challenged Yad Sarah operates one of Israel's largest transportation

Answering the Call 24/7

Emergency Alarm Response System (EARS)

Round the Clock Security   Yad Sarah's Emergency Alarm Response System (EARS), is a unique service that gives people living at home

Learning Through Play is a Family Affair

Childrens’ Play Centres

A Special Play Centre for our Special Children Beit Helena Play Centre is a unique environment constructed a

Getting the Injured & Post-Operative Back on Their Feet

Day Rehab Centres

Getting Adult Israelis Back on Their Feet The Day Rehabilitation Centre is intended for individuals between the ages of 21-67

Improving Quality of Life

Services for Seniors

Special Care for a Very Special Group – Seniors Israel has a unique elderly population. Many of the elderly are Holocaust survivors who ma