Donate / Send a Purim Gift Basket

For as little as $18.00, you could provide one of the many Yad Sarah clients with a Purim gift basket and bring a smile to their faces. Please, be a Purim hero and make your donation now.

Israel has a unique population that requires special care. Amongst its residents, there are Holocaust survivors who often live under the poverty line and live alone. There are veterans of the many wars who are injured either physically or emotionally. There a victims of domestic violence and there are children who have special needs both physically and cognitively.

Yad Sarah provides devices and services to all Israeli residents to put those living with disabilities on a more even footing with the general, able-bodied population.

At this time, with Purim coming, Yad Sarah volunteers are delivering Purim gift baskets to their clients. This is one of the many generous acts of kindness that Yad Sarah performs.

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    Be a Hero with Yad Sarah

    Send a Purim Gift Basket (Mishloach Manot)
    to a Yad Sarah Client who may be
    Elderly and Alone, Ill or Injured

    Minimum $18.00