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  • 788 Marlee Ave, North York, ON M6B 3K1
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Ultrasound of fetus

The Ask: In order to manage the higher patient load since the beginning of the pandemic, the Frenkel Emergency Center requires two new ultrasound machines. One unit for the obstetrics and gynaecology department which will cost $15,000 and one specialized unit to detect anomalies in a fetus which costs $100,000. Background: The Coronavirus in Israel […]

Yad Sarah Family Centre for the Treatment and Prevention of Domestic Violence Project Need: Urgent Need for Domestic Violence Intervention during the Coronavirus Crisis Reports in Israel indicate a 76% increase in the number of child abuse cases and a 30% rise in the number of domestic violence incidents during the Coronavirus crisis. These figures [...]

The sign at the entrance to the new Frenkel Emergency Medical Center

The Frenkel Emergency Medical Center, a most successful and prestigious project at Yad Sarah, is addressing the need of urgent care for  those in the Jerusalem area. Israel’s hospital emergency rooms are extremely overcrowded and there is a real risk of infection in hospitals. Yad Sarah presents its own unique response in the heart of [...]

Bright red, white and royal vans with an image of a little boy holding a teddy bear at the ready to transport their clients anywhere they have to go

May 5th, 2019   Dear Friends, This week we celebrate Israel's 71st Independence Day, as well as solemnly mark Remembrance Day for our Fallen Soldiers and Victims of Terror. As usual, we at Yad Sarah seek ways to be involved in the community and to support our bereaved families during this very difficult and emotional [...]

Hospitality Center_Yad Sarah

Hello! This week I'd like to introduce you to one of our most exceptional projects – the Hospitality Center. About seven months ago, three guest rooms were opened at Yad Sarah House in Jerusalem, which we offer free of charge to family members caring for their loved ones hospitalized at the nearby Shaare Zedek Medical Center. [...]


Click the image for larger view Click the image for larger view You can help family members in Israel come home for Passover by supporting the Home Hospital Kits with your donation. Please give.

Ultimate Act of Chesed is Generosity

Dear Friends, ❝The world is built on chesed (kindness).❞ These beautiful and powerful words describe Yad Sarah’s work. Our caring staff, volunteers and supporters always rally – giving what we can when our neighbours are in need. So many lives changed and so many families helped because of our services – especially in the past [...]

Baby sitting on the bottom eyelid of his larger self with his reflection in the eyeball

Support Canadian Friends of Yad Sarah   We are at the beginning of the month of Elul. This month is a time of reflection, of taking stock in our own personal lives. At this time, we reflect on what actions we can take to improve ourselves as people. This is a time for giving, for [...]